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Psiphon is a highly popular circumvention tool designed to bypass internet censorship, allowing users to gain access to blocked websites and services. First developed by Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto research group in 2006 as a secure way of providing uncensored internet access in countries with heavy internet censorship restrictions.

Psiphon 1, the original version of Psiphon, allowed users to bypass internet censorship by routing their traffic through multiple servers worldwide. It quickly gained popularity among activists and dissidents in countries like Iran, China and Syria, where internet censorship was prevalent.

Psiphon has evolved over time into an advanced tool that utilizes VPN, SSH and HTTP proxy technologies to provide secure internet access without restrictions or censorship to users on multiple platforms - Windows PCs, Android phones and iOS alike have all downloaded Psiphon millions of times!

Psiphon provides internet access in countries with strict internet censorship; it is also used by individuals seeking to protect their online privacy and security by encrypting traffic and concealing IP addresses - making it harder for third parties to monitor online activities.

Although Psiphon is popular, its success has not come without challenges from governments and internet service providers in countries with internet censorship laws. Some entities have attempted to block access to Psiphon servers or shut it down entirely; nonetheless, Psiphon remains an invaluable tool of internet freedom that has allowed millions of people worldwide to access information freely and communicate openly online.

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