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Procreate, created by Savage Interactive Pty Ltd and released to Apple App Store back in 2011, is an innovative digital illustration app utilized by artists, illustrators, and designers around the globe.

Procreate is known for its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and versatility. This app enables users to create digital artwork using brushes, tools, textures, and advanced layering capabilities such as layer blending and masking - providing professional digital art creation within an accessible platform.

Procreate has earned accolades for its ability to replicate traditional art mediums like oil paints, watercolors and charcoal. Furthermore, Procreate provides numerous customization options, such as creating custom brushes and color palettes.

Procreate has experienced many updates and upgrades over time, such as adding animation tools and being able to import/export files in multiple formats. Procreate earned multiple awards, including an Apple Design Award in 2013.

Procreate is an integral component of the global trend toward digital art creation, making it accessible for artists worldwide and finding applications across industries, including advertising, gaming and animation.

Procreate has quickly become an indispensable resource for digital artists and has revolutionized digital art creation.

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