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Prisma, a photo editing app created by Prisma Labs of Russia, founded by Alexey Moiseenkov in 2015, quickly rose in popularity throughout 2016. First made available for iOS devices in June and then for Android phones by July 2016, its revolutionary artistic filters quickly captured users' imaginations.

Prisma quickly rose to viral popularity with its innovative use of artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to transform ordinary photos into stunning works of art. Users could apply various filters to their pictures that mimicked the styles of well-known artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Roy Lichtenstein - this app's popularity was driven by its ability to produce visually striking images that looked as though they had been painted manually.

Prisma app's success was unparalleled. Within days of its release, over 10 million downloads had already taken place; by September 2016, this number had exceeded 50 million! Furthermore, its appeal wasn't restricted solely to consumers; Facebook and Google also took an interest in exploring its AI technology.

Although Prisma had initial success, as its growth continued, it encountered some unique obstacles. It struggled to monetize its user base and faced competition from similar photo editing apps that offered similar features. Furthermore, users experienced slow processing times and server issues with Prisma.

Prisma Labs responded by developing an AI-powered platform that would allow other companies to build similar photo editing and filtering features while simultaneously offering its users access to Prisma Labs AI social platform for sharing AI-generated images and collaboration.

Now more than ever, Prisma remains an immensely popular app among photo enthusiasts and artists while its developers continue to develop new uses for its AI technology.

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