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Microsoft PowerPoint is presentation software developed and distributed by Microsoft Corporation as part of their Office suite, first released for Macintosh computers in 1989 and for Windows computers two years later in 1990. Since its debut, PowerPoint has become a worldwide favorite, with over one billion installations worldwide.

Forethought Inc. developed a presenter during the mid-1980s as a tool for creating business presentations on Macintosh platforms. Presenter was considered groundbreaking at its time as it allowed users to create multimedia presentations which combined text, graphics, and sound elements into multimedia presentations that combined text, graphics, and sound into multimedia presentations that combined text, graphics, and sound together seamlessly.

Microsoft Corporation acquired Forethought Inc. and its Presenter program in 1987, then rebranded and released it for Windows-based computers in 1990 as PowerPoint. It included basic features like text/image slide creation, slide transitions, and animation effects.

Over time, Microsoft has continually enhanced and upgraded PowerPoint, adding features that enable users to embed videos and audio files, create complex animations and slide transitions, collaborate in real-time presentations with peers in real-time and collaborate in real time on presentations. Furthermore, PowerPoint has also become more accessible, providing features that make creating and delivering presentations simpler for people with disabilities.

PowerPoint is used by millions of people globally across industries and fields, from sales pitches and business presentations to educational lectures and scientific conferences. It serves as an effective and invaluable communication tool.

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