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PicPlayPost, created by Flambe Studios for iOS devices, allows users to easily create collages, videos and slideshows using photos, videos, music and text. Since then, it has been downloaded millions of times by avid users worldwide and continues to find tremendous success.

PicPlayPost was developed to offer users an effortless tool that would enable them to efficiently produce and publish multimedia content across social media platforms. The app quickly gained popularity among photographers, influencers and content creators looking for an effortless way to combine photos and videos into one coherent narrative.

PicPlayPost initially only supported iOS devices, but as its popularity grew, it was also made available for Android. PicPlayPost has undergone multiple updates and improvements throughout its lifespan to meet ever-evolving user needs and preferences.

One of the biggest updates to PicPlayPost came in 2017 when they introduced their Freestyle Editor feature. This powerful tool allowed users to easily create customized video collages and layouts, giving greater creative control in the content production process. Since its introduction, PicPlayPost has quickly become one of the go-to tools for producing high-quality multimedia content for social media platforms. Its intuitive user interface and customizable features make this content creation tool accessible to casual social media users and professional content creators.

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