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PicMonkey is an award-winning photo editing and graphic design platform that provides users with easy tools for producing professional-grade designs and images. Known for its user-friendly interface that makes the platform accessible to both amateur and experienced designers alike.

PicMonkey can trace its roots back to 2012 when Brian Terry, Justin Huff, Charlie Whiton and Jonathan Sposato established it. Their goal was to develop an easily accessible photo editing tool for everyone regardless of experience level or device used - beginning by building an accessible web-based tool accessible from any internet-enabled device - eventually expanding with additional features and tools - including mobile app use!

PicMonkey quickly rose in popularity and, in 2015, was acquired by Spectrum Equity - a private equity firm known for investing in growth companies - under new ownership, growing and adding features and tools to the platform. By 2020, they had extended their offerings to reach an even broader audience by merging with Canva - increasing reach while broadening offerings.

Today, PicMonkey is used by millions of people around the globe - from amateur photographers and bloggers to professional designers and marketers. Its intuitive user interface and a wide array of tools make PicMonkey indispensable for creating high-quality images and designs.

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