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Pic Collage is an innovative mobile application that allows users to create collages using photos, stickers, and text quickly. First released in 2011 by Taiwanese company Cardinal Blue Software, Pic Collage quickly rose in popularity - becoming one of the most-loved collage-creation apps available for iOS and Android devices.

Pic Collage's collage-making app wasn't revolutionary when it launched; many similar apps already existed. Its user-friendly interface and ability to customize collages using an array of tools and options set Pic Collage apart.

Pic Collage has continuously evolved over time, receiving numerous updates and improvements to its features. In 2013, users could utilize a "Freestyle" mode, giving more creative freedom in collage creation; later that same year, Grid mode was added, providing preset collage layout options.

App's growing popularity has also resulted in partnerships with companies like Disney and Hello Kitty, leading to collaborations that include adding their branded sticker packs and backgrounds directly into the app.

Pic Collage's popularity can be attributed to its ease of use, variety of features, and regular updates and improvements. As a result, social media users, bloggers and businesses looking for eye-catching visuals turn to Pic Collage as their go-to solution.

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