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Photomath is a mobile application that leverages image recognition technology to solve mathematical issues. Developed by Croatian startup Photomath Inc. founded in 2014 by Damir Sabol - an experienced math teacher and software developer - Photomath offers its solution via image recognition technology and image-based solutions.

Photomath was developed to aid students in learning mathematics more easily and efficiently. Simply by taking a picture of any math problem, Photomath provides step-by-step solutions, explanations and graphs - with added calculator capabilities and handwriting recognition features - making this app suitable for learners of all ages.

Photomath first debuted in 2014 and quickly became an instant success among students, teachers, and parents. Within one year, it had been downloaded over one million times; by 2016, this figure had reached 10 million downloads; today, Photomath boasts over 200 million worldwide downloads making it one of the most beloved educational apps ever!

Photomath has expanded its core features over the years and added many extras, from language support (English, Spanish, German) and math topics (from basic arithmetic through calculus and beyond).

Photomath has won several prestigious awards and recognition for its innovation and impact on education, including being awarded the honor of Google Play's 2019 App of the Year and recognized as one of Apple's Top 10 Education Apps in 2020.

Overall, Photomath has revolutionized how students learn math by making it more accessible, engaging and interactive - its success is a testament to technology's potential to transform education and increase learning outcomes.

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