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Photo Grid is an elegant photo and video editing app developed by Cheetah Mobile Inc., a Chinese mobile internet company established in 2010 that allows users to create collages, edit photos and videos, add filters and effects, as well as collages with preset templates. Launched in 2012, Photo Grid quickly gained popularity. 

Initial popularity for Photo Grid stemmed from its user-friendly interface and a wide variety of editing tools; users quickly took note. By 2013, iOS users could also take advantage of Photo Grid and its services were expanded further. 

Over time, Photo Grid has undergone many updates and enhancements, such as adding video editing and social media integration features. It has even received numerous accolades, including being named Google Play's 2015 App of the Year winner!

Photo Grid's success can be attributed to its ability to keep pace with emerging trends and features in the photo and video editing, such as combining multiple photos into stunning visuals, adding text or stickers, or enhancing them using filters and effects. It allows users to easily create stunning visuals by merging multiple photos together or layering text and stickers over them and further customizing their creation with filters and effects.


Photo Grid stands out from other photo and video editing apps with its community features, enabling users to share their creations on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter before connecting with other users through its community feature.

Photo Grid is an app with wide appeal among amateur and professional photographers and videographers, being used by both novices and experts alike to produce stunning visuals that express creativity in new and engaging ways. Thanks to its wide array of features and tools, Photo Grid allows its users to express themselves creatively through visual storytelling in new and engaging ways.

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