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Phonto is a widely-used mobile application designed to add text to images. Created by Youthhr, a Japanese app development firm, Phonto was first released for download through Apple App Store in 2011. Since then, it has been downloaded over 20 million times worldwide, with extremely positive ratings from users around the world.

Phonto's primary function is to allow users to easily add text to photos or other images. With over 400 fonts available and editing tools that let users adjust the font size, color, and position adjustments as needed - as well as templates they can personalize using their own text and images - Phonto provides users with everything needed to easily add their desired text or images into images or photos. 

Phonto's success can be attributed to its user-friendly interface, enabling people of all skill levels to use it effectively to produce professional-looking designs. Social media users, in particular, have taken notice of its ability to produce captivating posts, stories and ads. 

Over time, Phonto has added new features and updates to enhance its functionality. In 2017, users gained access to custom shapes that enabled more intricate designs; more recently, in 2019, Phonto added support for multiple languages for easier accessibility worldwide. 

Phonto remains a go-to choice for anyone wanting to add text quickly and effortlessly to images in digital formats, and its continued popularity exemplifies both its user-friendly design and visual communication's rising importance in today's globalized environment.

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