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Phhhoto was a mobile app that enabled users to create and share short looping videos and animated GIFs. Launched by Chris Osborn, Omar Elsayed and Mark Dorison to provide users with visual storytelling tools on social media, Phhhoto launched in 2014.

Phhhoto quickly gained widespread acclaim among younger users, amassing over one million registered users by 2015. One of its signature features was its use of a special camera algorithm that allowed users to capture high-quality, animated images and share them instantly via social networking features such as following other users, liking and commenting on posts, taking part in challenges or contests, etc. 

Phhhoto was initially successful but quickly succumbed to increased competition from social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, which provided similar features. However, after being acquired by another company in 2016, Phhhoto eventually shut down in 2017. 

Phhhoto made an indelible mark on social media during its short lifespan thanks to its emphasis on visual storytelling and high-quality animated images that inspired other platforms to adopt similar features. At the same time, its innovative camera algorithm set the groundwork for future advances in mobile photography.



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