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Perk TV is a mobile application created by Perk, an organization founded in 2010 that specializes in creating mobile and web-based rewards programs for its users. Users can earn rewards by watching videos and completing tasks like taking surveys or installing/testing out new apps; Perk launched this app to reward viewers who watch them with rewards that may otherwise go unused.

Perk TV was introduced in 2013 and quickly gained traction among users looking for an effortless way to earn rewards online. Users could watch movie trailers, news clips and other short videos and earn points every time they viewed - ultimately leading them towards rewards on an ongoing basis!

Over time, Perk TV expanded its offering by including additional ways for users to earn points through taking surveys, daily quizzes, installing and testing out new apps, redeeming points for real-world rewards such as gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target and redeeming points against real-world rewards such as gift cards from popular retailers such as these.

Perk TV made waves through its rewards program and its innovative advertising platform - Perk Ads - which enabled advertisers to target those actively searching for video content to watch. Given this success, Perk expanded its offerings with other products like Perk Pop Quiz, which engages users through interactive quizzes.

Perk TV remains an accessible way for users to earn rewards online, expanding its services with additional apps and platforms that offer rewards. Although facing challenges related to changes to its rewards program in recent years, Perk TV remains an efficient way for users to earn cash and prizes while relaxing during their free time.



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