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PdaNet is a mobile application that enables users to tether their smartphones directly to computers and utilize their mobile data plans for internet access on both laptops and desktops. First released in 2008, this solution has become increasingly popular as people without Wi-Fi or wired internet access need to access the web on their laptops or desktops. 

PdaNet was originally developed by June Fabrics Technology Inc. of California. Initially released for Palm OS devices, it later expanded to Windows Mobile, BlackBerry OS, Android and iOS platforms. 

Early smartphone tethering was only accessible to advanced users who were comfortable tinkering with their settings. PdaNet helped make tethering accessible to a wider audience through an easy-to-use interface that didn't require technical expertise. 

PdaNet has continued to evolve over time to adapt to changes in the mobile landscape, such as adding support for newer versions of mobile operating systems such as iOS 14 and Android 11. Furthermore, new features have been implemented, including being able to hide tethering usage from mobile carriers while increasing performance to ensure more stable connections. 

PdaNet has played an invaluable role in keeping people connected to the internet even without access to traditional wired or Wi-Fi connections. Its ease of use and versatility has become popular with people who need access to work or browse the web while they travel.

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