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Padlet is an online bulletin board application that enables users to create and share interactive boards - known as "walls" - with others, enabling individuals and groups alike to collaborate on projects, organize ideas, curate content from multiple sources, and collaborate on various endeavors simultaneously. 

Padlet first debuted in 2008 as an easy way to share text-based notes. It was founded by Nitesh Goel and Prasad Ram, two team members working on projects at the same time who needed an easy way to communicate ideas and collaborate. Their solution? An online bulletin board accessible by anyone via a link; thus was born Padlet. 

Over time, Padlet has transformed to accommodate multimedia content such as images, videos and audio recordings. Additionally, features like custom backgrounds, templates and customization options have been introduced to further improve user experience. 

Today, Padlet has become an invaluable educational tool - particularly in remote and hybrid learning environments. Teachers use Padlet to collaborate on lesson plans, share resources, facilitate group discussions and showcase student work, while students use it to showcase their work and collaborate on group projects while brainstorming.

Padlet has also become increasingly popular among businesses and organizations for project management, event planning and team collaboration purposes. Due to its versatility and flexibility, it has proven useful across an array of applications.

In 2021, Padlet was acquired by Kahoot!, a Norwegian educational technology firm offering game-based learning solutions. This acquisition should strengthen Padlet's presence within education markets while simultaneously speeding its expansion in other areas.

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