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Overdrive is a digital distribution platform and mobile application designed to enable library patrons to borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and other forms of digital content from local libraries. Established by Steve Potash in 1986, Overdrive has since become one of the most widely utilized means for accessing digital library material.

Overdrive first focused on providing digital content to public libraries and quickly became a top choice among libraries offering ebooks and audiobooks to their patrons. Over time, however, Overdrive expanded to serve academic libraries, schools, and corporate libraries alike.

Rakuten, a Japanese online retailing and electronic commerce company acquired Overdrive in 2015. This allowed Rakuten to expand the reach of Overdrive further, and it has only continued to gain in popularity ever since. 

Overdrive now provides access to millions of digital titles from more than 43,000 libraries and schools worldwide, available across 70 countries, with millions of users accessing digital content on smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

 Overdrive has been essential in advancing digital content distribution within libraries worldwide. By providing them with an accessible platform to provide digital content for their patrons, Overdrive has made reading and learning accessible to more people worldwide.

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