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ooVoo was first released by New York-based company ooVoo LLC in 2007. Since its introduction, it has experienced immense popularity due to its innovative features and user-friendliness; users are able to connect via video chat, voice call and instant messaging - quickly becoming an indispensable communication tool between friends, family, colleagues and beyond. 

ooVoo was first conceptualized when its founders recognized a need in the market for an intuitive video chat application that was easy to use and accessible for all. First released as a beta version in 2007, within months ooVoo had attracted thousands of users.

In 2011, ooVoo received a $26 million investment from venture capitalists, helping it expand and develop further. Three years later, in 2013, they released their app for iOS and Android devices, making ooVoo accessible to millions worldwide; popularity continued to increase quickly - by 2014, it had over 100 million registered users!

One of the unique characteristics of ooVoo is its capacity to link up to 12 individuals at once in video chat, making it an ideal tool for group video calls. Furthermore, its range of filters, effects, and emojis enhances the user experience further.

Over time, ooVoo has faced various obstacles, such as competition from video chat apps like Skype and FaceTime and security and privacy concerns. In 2017, Krush Technologies acquired and rebranded it under that name; however, under new ownership in 2020, the name ooVoo has been revived for download on iOS and Android devices.

Overall, ooVoo has profoundly affected video chat and messaging technology, offering users an innovative yet user-friendly platform for staying in touch with friends, family and colleagues. Though some challenges have arisen over time, ooVoo remains an effective means of communication among people of various ages and backgrounds.



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