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Noom is a wellness app Artem Petakov and Saeju Jeong created to assist users with weight loss and healthy living using cutting-edge technologies and psychology. This weight management solution was Launched in 2008 and offered customized plans. Their motivation was drawn from their own weight loss journeys as they noticed few effective solutions for dealing with psychological and behavioral aspects - they used their experience in both technology and psychology to design an app that helps people change their habits for lasting weight loss.

Noom was initially available only online; it has since evolved into a mobile app available on both iOS and Android smartphones. The 16-week program provides personalized coaching, interactive content, tracking tools and personalized tracking to facilitate sustainable lifestyle changes through personalized coaching, interactive tools and cognitive-behavioral therapy-based tracking mechanisms - proven effective for treating obesity-related issues.

Noom offers more than its 16-week program, with features including food logging, activity tracking and community support. Furthermore, the artificial intelligence analysis of user data provides tailored recommendations regarding healthy eating and exercise routines.

Noom has quickly become one of the world's favorite wellness apps since its debut, with over 50 million downloads to date and being featured by publications like The New York Times, Forbes and Women's Health.

Noom is an innovative wellness app that takes an individualized approach to help users meet their health goals. Initially designed to address psychological and behavioral aspects of weight management, this popular wellness solution has since become one of the top wellness applications on the market.

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