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Nerve is a social networking app created in 2011 by Sean Parker, former president of Facebook. Users can use Nerve to host and attend public or private events, share photos with attendees, and communicate directly. Nerve was designed as a way for individuals with similar interests and hobbies to connect with each other more easily.

Parker got the inspiration for Nerve from attending events in Silicon Valley. He noticed there were many like-minded individuals but no easy way for them to connect. To address this challenge, Nerve provided a platform where individuals could come together and share their interests. The initial version of the Airtime app focused on video chatting between strangers. But due to low user adoption and negative feedback, the company pivoted its focus to event discovery and social networking.

Nerve was founded in 2013 with $50 million from an investor group led by Andreessen Horowitz. Over time, its app quickly grew in popularity among college students and millennials and eventually was purchased by Yahoo for an estimated $20 million valuation in 2014. Nerve struggled to retain its user base after it was acquired, becoming less relevant over time due to social media competition. Yahoo announced in 2016 that it would be discontinuing Nerve and officially did so in August of that year. 

Despite its short lifespan, Nerve was an influential force in the social networking industry's development, offering groundbreaking features like group messaging, event creation and photo sharing that have since become standard features of most other social media platforms. It was founded by Sean Parker, who co-founded Spotify and was featured in Justin Timberlake's movie depicting Facebook's early days titled The Social Network.

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