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Neko Atsume, developed by Hit-Point Co., Ltd. and released initially for iOS devices in October 2014 before expanding to Android devices two months later, has quickly become a global phenomenon with millions of players across both platforms. 

"Neko Atsume," translated from Japanese as "Cat Collection," accurately captures its aim. Players set out food and toys in their virtual yard to attract cats that they can add to their collection - each cat having their own distinct color pattern, personality traits and preferences for toys or food. Pictures can also be taken and saved in albums or named and tracked through visits.

This game's simple yet adorable design and addictive gameplay have made it a beloved favorite among both cat lovers and casual gamers. Additionally, its popularity has generated merchandise, including plush toys and, manga series adaptations, even live-action film adaptations of the story.

Even as its popularity declines, Angry Birds remains an iconic piece of mobile gaming and continues to draw new players every year.

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