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MyVegas is a mobile app that enables players to compete virtually in casino games and earn rewards such as hotel stays, meals and show tickets in Las Vegas. First launched in 2012 by PlayStudios - a gaming company founded by Andrew Pascal of Wynn Las Vegas fame and his team of experienced gaming professionals - MyVegas quickly became popular among its users and was later purchased by MGM Grand Las Vegas as well.

MyVegas quickly gained widespread acclaim among both tourists and locals looking to experience the excitement of Las Vegas without risking their own funds. The app offers virtual slot machines, blackjack tables, and other casino games for free use with virtual chips earned from daily challenges or advertisements; or purchased with real money.

MyVegas stands out from other casino games with its loyalty program, providing players with real-world benefits. Players can redeem virtual chips for rewards like free hotel stays, meals and show tickets - including VIP experiences at MGM Resort properties like Bellagio, MGM Grand or Mandalay Bay!

MyVegas has evolved since its initial launch, providing new games, challenges, and rewards. Furthermore, this app now includes MyVegas Blackjack on Facebook and MGM Resorts' loyalty members via M life Rewards.

Overall, MyVegas has become an attractive way for visitors and locals alike to experience Las Vegas while reaping real-world benefits simultaneously.

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