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Mystro is a mobile application designed for rideshare drivers that allows them to seamlessly switch between ride-hailing platforms such as Uber, Lyft and Postmates. Mystro was founded by Herb Coakley and Amir Yahav in 2014 when both Uber drivers experienced a need for something that could simplify their ridesharing experience.

Mystro was designed to enable drivers to quickly receive and accept ride requests from various platforms without manually switching between apps, saving time and risk by eliminating missed ride opportunities. Drivers can set preferences for which ride-hailing platforms they prefer; Mystro then automatically accepts ride requests based on those preferences.

Since Mystro launched, it has rapidly gained favor with rideshare drivers and expanded into multiple US and Canadian cities. Furthermore, several features have been introduced to improve the ridesharing experience, such as automatically switching between driver and passenger modes in Uber, food/package delivery, tracking earnings across platforms etc.

Mystro was acquired by Israeli mobility company Gett in 2021. This acquisition should help expand Mystro's reach and capabilities while providing more resources for innovation.

Mystro has become an invaluable tool for rideshare drivers, helping them save time and earn more by streamlining the process of switching among ride-hailing platforms.

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