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Mystic Messenger, created by Cheritz Co., Ltd and released in July 2016, quickly made its mark among otome game enthusiasts upon release. As a visual novel featuring messaging-app-style interaction between characters, Mystic Messenger allows players to experience its story, which follows RFA (Rika's Fundraising Association), where the player's character is invited to join.

Mystic Messenger stands out for its innovative gameplay style and engaging storyline, allowing players to experience various emotions as they maneuver various plot twists and character arcs. Furthermore, Mystic Messenger was one of the first mobile games to incorporate real-time chat technology, adding another layer of realism and interactivity to its experience.

Its success can be attributed to its innovative gameplay style, engaging characters, and intricate plot. The game has garnered much acclaim among fans of visual novels, otome games and mobile gaming in general, garnering millions of downloads worldwide with high praise for its high-quality graphics, voice acting and writing.

Mystic Messenger has won multiple awards and nominations, including Google Play Store's 2016 Innovative Games award and 2017's International Mobile Gaming Awards' Excellence in Storytelling award. Its fan community is also vibrant - fans have created fan art, fan fiction and cosplay inspired by Mystic Messenger characters!

Mystic Messenger has made a lasting mark on mobile gaming by setting new standards for visual novels and otome games. Its success paved the way for other innovative mobile titles to emerge and can still be felt throughout the industry today.

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