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Mspy is a smartphone monitoring application developed and released by Bitex Group Limited of London in 2011. Since its debut, Mspy has gained popularity both as a parental control solution and a tool to keep an eye on employees at work.

Mspy is available for both Android and iOS devices and provides users with features like call tracking, SMS monitoring, GPS tracking and access to social media messages. The app collects data from target devices before uploading it securely online so users can access their accounts from any web browser.

Mspy was initially designed as a monitoring solution for parents to keep an eye on the smartphone usage of their children, but it has become popular among employers as an easy way to ensure employees don't use company resources for personal activities.

Although Mspy is widely popular, its widespread usage has drawn fire from privacy advocates who assert that such apps violate an individual's right to privacy and raise concerns that the app could be misused for malicious activities such as stalking and cyberbullying.

Mspy has responded to these worries by emphasizing its app is designed for legitimate uses such as parental control or employee monitoring. Furthermore, they have taken measures to prevent its abuse for malicious reasons by requiring users to verify they informed the target device's owners they were being monitored.

Mspy, an Android mobile monitoring application, has quickly gained prominence as an invaluable tool for parents and employers to keep an eye on their children's or employees' activities. While Mspy has drawn some criticism from privacy activists, millions still use it worldwide.

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