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MoviePass was a subscription-based moviegoing service launched in 2011 that allowed subscribers to watch a specific number of films in theaters each month for a set monthly fee. The service quickly gained widespread acclaim among movie lovers.

MoviePass' concept was straightforward: subscribers paid a flat monthly fee to receive a debit card that allowed them to purchase tickets to movies at participating theaters. At first, this service charged around $30 and provided access to at least one movie per day.

Over time, MoviePass adjusted its pricing model and experimented with different subscription tiers - but its basic concept remained the same. By 2017, over 3 million subscribers had subscribed and its popularity continued to expand rapidly.

MoviePass started to experience financial issues in 2018. The service had been subsidizing subscribers' movie ticket costs and losing money with each ticket sold, prompting it to attempt raising prices and restricting movie viewing options; these measures proved unpopular with users.

MoviePass announced its closure due to a lack of funds in September 2019, filing bankruptcy and being acquired by Helios and Matheson Analytics - a data analytics firm.

MoviePass pioneered the subscription-based movie ticket market and continues to make an impactful statement about film-going habits today. It laid the groundwork for popular services like AMC Stubs A-List and Cinemark Movie Club that have since followed suit in this space.

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