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MovieBox is an award-winning mobile streaming application that gives users access to abundant media content from across the globe, offering movies and television shows from multiple genres and countries. Making entertainment easily accessible.

MovieBox was first developed in 2013 - during an early phase of iOS and Android app development - when developers saw an opportunity to create an easy streaming app offering free access to movies and T.V. shows. Since its initial release, it has quickly become one of the most widely used services due to its user-friendliness and wide selection.

MovieBox has undergone numerous iterations over time, offering additional features and improving the user interface. Unfortunately, due to legal challenges surrounding infringement issues, it has recently had to switch servers or domains in order to remain operational.

MovieBox has shown its resilience through all these challenges and still boasts a significant user base, with millions worldwide using it to watch movies and T.V. shows on mobile devices. As part of the streaming landscape, MovieBox gives its customers access to their desired content at an affordable cost.

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