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Momentum is an immensely popular productivity app that helps its users remain focused and organized. This simple yet stylish application comes equipped with beautiful background images and customizable to-do lists - drawing millions of users worldwide! Available both for desktop computers as well as mobile devices, Momentum has millions of active users around the globe.

Momentum Dash Inc, based in Canada, designed the Momentum app in 2015. Levi Bucsis founded this Canadian software company after becoming dissatisfied with existing productivity apps that were too complex or distracting. Instead, Bucsis wanted an app that would help users focus on what mattered without getting bogged down with unnecessary features.

Momentum's initial version was launched in late 2015 and quickly rose in popularity among users due to its beauty and simplicity. Intended as a replacement for Google Chrome's default new tab page, Momentum featured beautiful background images, clocks, to-do lists, daily quotes, weather reports and links leading directly to articles related to focus-oriented articles.

Momentum has evolved over time to offer more features and customization options, providing users with thousands of beautiful background images to select, customize their app's color scheme, set reminders and goals as well as integrate seamlessly with productivity tools like Todoist, Trello and Google Calendar.

Momentum's success can be attributed to its simple yet effective design and focus on helping users stay organized and productive. As a result, the app has been featured in various publications such as Forbes, TechCrunch, and Lifehacker, winning several awards for design and functionality.

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