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Mobogenie is an Android app that offers users various features, including app management, file transfer and device cleaning. Since 2012, when Beijing Gamease Age Digital Technology Co Ltd was created in China, millions of people worldwide have downloaded Mobogenie from over 230 countries around the globe.

Mobogenie's primary purpose is to make Android users' lives simpler when managing their smartphones and tablets, including apps, contacts, messages, media files and backup/restoration of data. Furthermore, it offers users a marketplace where they can purchase apps/games/content that will further simplify the management of Android devices.

Mobogenie stands out as an effective means for file transfer between Android devices and PCs via wireless connections, offering users the chance to transfer all types of files, such as photos, music videos and documents, between both platforms.

Mobogenie has undergone multiple updates and modifications over its history, most notably in 2016 when acquired by Cheetah Mobile - a Chinese mobile app development company - but later reported as gone from Google Play Store due to policy violations.

Mobogenie remains a favorite app among Android users who appreciate its many features and ease of use. Though no longer available through the Google Play Store, Mobogenie can still be downloaded from third-party app stores and websites.

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