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Mobile Patrol is a smartphone application that gives users real-time access to local public safety and community information, such as crime alerts, missing person reports and emergency notifications. It connects citizens with law enforcement agencies by offering them a way to collaborate on communication and share knowledge.

Appriss, a software company offering technology solutions to public safety and healthcare industries, first released the Mobile Patrol app in 2012. Since its debut, over 900 law enforcement agencies across the U.S. currently utilize it to connect with their communities through engagement initiatives.

Mobile Patrol provides users with access to various features, such as real-time crime and safety alerts, sexual offender details, missing person reports and community news and events. Furthermore, users can submit anonymous tips directly to law enforcement agencies while being updated regarding their status.

Success of this app can be attributed to its ease of use and accessibility, along with its real-time capability of connecting citizens to law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, this platform has built greater trust between law enforcement agencies and their communities by offering open dialogue and transparency.

Overall, Mobile Patrol has proved itself an indispensable resource for law enforcement agencies and residents alike, helping increase public safety while strengthening communities and strengthening connections among people.

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