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Messenger, created and published by Facebook Inc, is an instant messaging application used for text and voice messaging, sending and receiving photos and other files such as voice recordings. First released as Facebook Messenger back in 2011 but later rebranded under this name in 2014 after becoming more widely utilized, with over 2.8 billion monthly active users as of September 2021.

Messenger dates back to Facebook's early days when it primarily served college students. At that time, its messaging system was relatively basic - simply enabling users to send texts within the platform - yet as its popularity expanded into new areas and audiences grew wider than originally anticipated, so did its need for an enhanced messaging solution. Messenger now meets this demand by offering more robust solutions ranging from messaging features that enable one-to-one communications between users within Facebook to send and receiving mass mailer-style broadcast messages across its network.

Facebook launched its standalone messaging app Messenger in 2011, designed to offer an easier messaging experience - complete with push notifications and the ability to send messages even when the main Facebook app was closed. Messenger quickly became popular; by 2014, it boasted over 200 million monthly active users.

Facebook announced in 2017 that they would rebrand Facebook Messenger as Messenger, expanding its functionality to incorporate third-party applications and services and opening it up to third parties for use beyond messaging alone. As part of their larger strategy to transform Messenger into a platform that could support more than messaging use cases, today, it allows access to features such as gaming, shopping and customer support services.

Over the years, Messenger has continuously evolved and improved. Not only has it added new features and capabilities, but its design has also undergone dramatic modifications. As a result, today it can be found across devices including iOS, Android and the web.

 Overall, Messenger has played an instrumental role in shaping instant messaging into an efficient communication tool with an extensive user base and continued innovation. As a result, messenger looks set to remain one of the market leaders for years to come.



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