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Media Insiders is a mobile application developed and launched by Symphony Advanced Media (SAM), an industry provider of technology and research solutions for media companies, in 2012. Users who participate in market research studies receive rewards through this mobile app on iOS or Android devices in the US.

The Media Insiders app was developed to assist media companies in better understanding their audiences by collecting data about how users engage with digital content. Users who download and participate in research studies allow the app to gather information on their media consumption habits - what apps/websites they utilize and how they engage with content.

Media Insiders users can earn rewards for participating in studies, including gift cards from major retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. The amount of rewards earned varies based on each study and the length of time required to participate.

Since its founding, Media Insiders has conducted numerous studies for major media companies like ESPN, ABC and CBS to better understand their audiences and make more informed decisions regarding the types of content produced.

Recently, this app has come under scrutiny for its data collection practices. Some users have voiced their concern over how much data is being accumulated; however, company representatives say all collected information is anonymized and only used for research.

Media Insiders remains an attractive option for users interested in earning rewards by sharing their opinions and media consumption habits. Despite these issues, Media Insiders remains popular among users looking for rewards-based apps to increase engagement.



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