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Mathway is an educational app that offers step-by-step solutions to mathematical problems from various subjects, including algebra, geometry, calculus and statistics. Mathway seeks to assist students in solving difficult mathematical concepts while deepening their understanding.

The Mathway app was introduced by a team of software engineers and mathematicians in 2009. Their motivation behind creating it stemmed from personal struggles to locate resources to help with solving math homework quickly and easily, leaving them struggling for assistance with complex issues quickly and easily. Recognizing there was an unmet need, they set about creating Mathway app as their answer.

Mathway initially provided solutions for algebra and trigonometry problems. Over time, its capabilities have greatly expanded - now covering calculus, geometry, statistics and much more! Mathway is used worldwide by educators and students as an aid for classroom learning or examination preparation.

Mathway app stands out from its competition by providing step-by-step solutions, giving students a better understanding of how to approach mathematical problems. Furthermore, graphing calculators and practice exercises help strengthen students' mathematical knowledge.

Mathway provides its users with access to mobile and web versions of its tool, both of which offer identical capabilities. Furthermore, they offer an optional subscription-based service with additional features and capabilities.

Mathway's app has proven itself an invaluable asset to both students and educators alike, providing an effortless means of solving complex mathematical issues while deepening one's understanding of math concepts.

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