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Marco Polo is a video messaging and chat application created by Joya Communications - founded by Vlada Bortnik and Michael Swaless - that allows users to send short videos back and forth in both real-time or as recorded messages. Since its initial release in 2014 by Joya Communications, Marco Polo has gained immense popularity and has become a viable alternative to texting or calling.

This app is inspired by Marco Polo, an Italian explorer known for traveling across the globe and chronicling his adventures in a book. Its founders desired to provide people with an avenue for connecting and sharing their own adventures with family and friends worldwide.

Marco Polo quickly gained popularity among families during the COVID-19 pandemic as it provided them with a convenient and personal way of staying in contact. Since then, however, its user base has expanded further to include friends, coworkers, and others looking for video messaging communication.

As of 2021, Marco Polo boasts over 15 million registered users in 37 languages worldwide and can be downloaded and used free of charge; however, premium features may incur fees, such as storing unlimited messages and having access to special effects and filters.

Marco Polo is a video messaging app that has quickly gained widespread acclaim as an easy and personal way for people to stay in touch with friends and family. Named for the renowned explorer Marco Polo, its user base now spans coworkers, friends, family members, as well as others interested in communicating via video chat.

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