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Lumyer is an immensely popular mobile application that enables users to create animated photos and videos called Lumys. Lumyer Inc was established by Diego Mortillaro and Fabrizio Perrone 2015 and offered both iOS and Android versions of this service.

Lumyer was designed to bring photos to life through animation and visual effects like fire, rain, snow and glitter effects and animations. Users can directly select from various effects and animations, including fire and rain snow glitter effects, onto photos and videos for enhanced creativity and personalizing creative experiences. Furthermore, this app includes features for adding text sticker filters, further enhancing creativity and personalizing creative experiences.

Lumyer was established from its founders' desire to make photography more engaging and interactive. It envisioned a platform where users could add animated elements to their photos and videos before sharing them with family and friends. Since Lumyer's release, millions of downloads have taken place worldwide.

Lumyer has earned widespread praise for its revolutionary approach to mobile photography, winning several prestigious awards, including "Best Entertainment App" at the 2017 Mobile Excellence Awards and being featured by major publications such as Forbes, TechCrunch and Huffington Post.

Lumyer has transformed photography by adding animation and visual effects elements into our photographs and videos. Its user-friendly interface and various effects and animations make Lumyer an enormously popular mobile application among those seeking to give their photos and videos extra flair.

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