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Lucky Day is a mobile application offering users free scratchers, lotto, and raffle games in hopes of winning real cash prizes. Launched by Joshua Javaheri and Alex Papadopoulos in 2014, Lucky Day provides people with an enjoyable way to potentially earn extra income and potentially turn it into tangible gains.

Lucky Day app's concept is straightforward. Users can download it for free and then play various games that offer real money or gift card prizes - daily scratchers, lotto and raffle offerings will keep players busy until something new arrives on the scene. Of course, when using these games, users must watch short advertisements which help fund cash prizes!

Since its debut, Lucky Day has quickly grown increasingly popular worldwide, amassing millions of users. Since launch, millions have been awarded in prizes to lucky users, with some winning up to $10,000! In addition, this app now provides daily rewards, referral bonuses and sweepstakes - making for an engaging user experience!

Lucky Day stands out from other apps by its dedication to giving back. Partnering with various charities and non-profits, Lucky Day donates a portion of its profits towards aiding those in need - creating a sense of community among its users, who feel good knowing they use an app that gives back so generously.

Overall, Lucky Day has become an innovative and entertaining way for users to potentially earn some extra cash by playing games on mobile devices. Thanks to its commitment to giving back and offering enjoyable experiences for its users, this app has quickly become one of the premier applications in the mobile gaming industry.

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