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Lomotif is a wildly popular mobile video editing and sharing application designed to let users easily create and share short music videos. Launched by Paul Yang and Michael Gao in 2014, Lomotif has since amassed an extensive user base across generations - especially younger audiences.

Lomotif was initially developed as an answer to the increasing popularity of social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Its founders identified an unmet market need for an app that allowed users to easily create music-driven short videos using video editing tools and music library features; they hoped that creating such an application could appeal to young users looking for new ways to express themselves online.

Since Lomotif first debuted, numerous updates and modifications have been designed to enhance user experience and functionality. For example, in 2018, Lomotif introduced "Collab," allowing users to collaborate on joint video projects with friends or creators. Furthermore, Lomotif added editing tools that allowed for speed adjustments, text overlays, and filter applications - as well as new editing features, including speed controls, overlay text layers and filter applications.

Lomotif has proven itself a successful app with millions of global users. In 2020, ZASH Global Media, founded by media entrepreneur Ted Farnsworth, acquired Lomotif. This has allowed the service to continue growing and developing as planned; plans include entering new markets as well as adding features in the near future.

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