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Lifeline, developed by the American Red Cross and launched as a mobile application in 2013, provides quick and easy access to emergency services during times of crisis. Since its initial release, it has quickly become a widely used resource to provide immediate help or assistance when needed.

Lifeline emerged from Hurricane Katrina in 2005, demonstrating the need for more effective ways to connect people in crisis with essential services and resources. Recognizing mobile technology's potential to meet this need, American Red Cross saw Lifeline as an opportunity to provide crucial support during times of disaster.

Lifeline has been relied upon by millions of people since its debut, being used to navigate natural disasters, medical emergencies, and personal safety concerns. The app provides features to keep users safe and informed - such as real-time alerts and notifications, emergency preparedness information and access to vital resources such as shelters, medical assistance providers and mental health support networks.

Lifeline has been widely recognized for its innovative use of technology to aid disaster response and recovery efforts. In 2014, Lifeline won the Webby Award for Best Health & Fitness App; in 2017, Lifeline earned a Google Play Award for Best Accessibility Experience.

Overall, Lifeline has proven an invaluable tool in times of crisis for both individuals and communities, offering invaluable support when needed most.

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