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Leanified is a mobile application created to help users achieve their health and fitness goals through a personalized workout and nutrition plans. Established by two brothers, Michael and Jonathan Zhang, who shared a passion for fitness, Leanified is an easy platform for individuals to meet their fitness goals more easily.

Michael and Jonathan first came up with the concept of Leanified after realizing there was a gap in the fitness industry. Although many fitness apps existed, none provided truly personalized experiences for users. Furthermore, most people struggle to meet their fitness goals due to lacking sufficient knowledge or guidance regarding developing effective workout and nutrition plans tailored specifically to them.

Michael and Jonathan came up with Leanified to solve this issue. It uses advanced algorithms to generate personalized workout and nutrition plans tailored specifically to user goals, fitness levels and dietary preferences - not to mention offering access to an amazing community that offers support, motivation and advice!

Since its debut in 2013, Leanified has seen remarkable success since being downloaded by millions of users worldwide and winning various awards and recognition. Forbes magazine named Leanified one of their "Top 10 Fitness Apps", while at this year's Appy Awards, it won "Best Fitness App."

Leanified has evolved and improved over the past year. The app now integrates with wearable fitness devices for real-time workout tracking while adding new features and capabilities like wearable fitness device integration and real-time workout tracking. Furthermore, Leanified now includes fitness and nutrition experts on their team who ensure its algorithms and recommendations adhere to cutting-edge scientific research.

Overall, Leanified has emerged as a standout fitness app. Its customized approach to fitness has enabled countless individuals to meet their health and wellness goals and continue transforming to meet user demand.

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