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Kindu is a mobile application developed specifically to assist couples in exploring and improving intimacy within relationships. Established in 2014 by three co-founders, Igor Incoronato, David Friedman and Emily Listfield, its goal is to improve communication and understanding between couples regarding sexual preferences and desires.

The concept for the app grew out of the founders' personal experiences and frustrations in their relationships. After realizing many couples struggle with discussing sexual preferences without encountering miscommunication or disappointment, they created an app designed to facilitate safe conversations about this matter between couples.

Kindu was initially released for iOS in 2015 and later expanded to Android, quickly becoming a worldwide hit and being downloaded by millions of users worldwide. Kindu has even been featured by various media outlets such as The New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine and Huffington Post!

The interface of this app is user-friendly and enables couples to easily and anonymously communicate their desires and interests. Users swipe right or left to indicate interest; if both partners indicate interest in an activity, it is added to their "shared likes" list, signifying they want to explore it together.

Kindu provides users with more than just its core features: resources and articles on sexual health and wellbeing are also provided, along with an open forum where members of the community can ask questions or seek assistance from each other.


Overall, Kindu has proved itself as a useful tool for couples seeking to enhance communication and intimacy within their relationship. Its success speaks volumes for the importance of open and honest discussion in any relationship when discussing sexual desires and preferences.

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