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Keepsafe is a mobile application developed in 2012 by Zouhair Belkoura and Jonathan Benassaya to protect users' photos, videos, and personal data.

Keepsafe began as a photo vault app, offering users a safe space on their phones to store and protect private images with password protection. As it gained in popularity, Keepsafe expanded its features to include additional safeguards like fingerprint authentication and private browsing capabilities.

Keepsafe released its Unlisted feature in 2015 to give users anonymity when texting or calling from other phones, which is ideal for those using online dating sites or searching for temporary work. In addition, this feature allowed people to create second phone numbers for anonymous texting and calling. Keepsafe Unlisted was specifically targeted toward people looking to protect their personal phone numbers, such as those using dating services or searching for temporary employment opportunities.

In 2016, Keepsafe raised $10 million from investors and used this capital to further expand its offerings. One such expansion included creating Keepsafe Photo Vault for Android phones, which worked with the popular messaging app WhatsApp to allow users to securely share private photos and videos directly from Keepsafe without jeopardizing their privacy.

Keepsafe has become one of the world's leading privacy apps, with millions of users worldwide. Available for both iOS and Android, Keepsafe provides features including secure storage for photos and videos, private browsing, anonymous texting/calling, and anonymous texting/calling - providing users with tools they need to protect their information while maintaining privacy in privacy an increasingly digital world.

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