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Jungle Scout is an invaluable software tool designed specifically to aid Amazon sellers in researching and finding profitable products to sell on the marketplace. Established by Greg Mercer - an eminent Amazon seller who recognized a need for such an in-depth product research tool - in 2015, this popular software solution offers sellers access to reliable product research data.

Prior to Jungle Scout's arrival on Amazon's marketplace, sellers relied on manual research methods for product discovery. This required them to sift through vast amounts of data in search of potentially profitable items to sell. Jungle Scout revolutionized this process by offering an all-encompassing solution that automates this research process and saves both time and effort when looking for potential offerings to sell.

Jungle Scout has quickly become an invaluable tool for Amazon sellers worldwide since its introduction, boasting over 250,000 users globally. The software allows sellers to search products by category, keyword, revenue level and competition level while providing data about sales volume, revenue and competition levels, as well as features for monitoring performance and managing inventory levels.

Jungle Scout has won multiple accolades and awards for its innovative product research service, such as winning the 2017 Webby Award for Best E-Commerce Site. Additionally, their services now encompass educational resources and coaching to assist Amazon sellers in succeeding in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Jungle Scout has revolutionized how Amazon sellers research and find profitable products, providing an innovative solution that automates this process while saving both time and effort. Thanks to its continued expansion and success, Jungle Scout is now considered an essential tool in order to succeed at Amazon selling.

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