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iTube is an immensely popular mobile application that enables users to download and stream music and videos directly onto their devices. First developed in the US by a team of programmers, iTube quickly gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface and a wide array of features.

When released for iOS devices in 2010, the iTube app quickly became one of the most downloaded applications on the App Store. Its popularity can be attributed to its unique feature that allowed users to listen and watch videos offline without an internet connection - this was an exceptional advantage at that time since most streaming services required constant Internet connectivity in order to work properly.

Over time, the iTube app was expanded to other platforms, including Android. Over time it continued to improve with new features and updates; today, it can be found on App Store and Google Play Store and is still a top choice among music and video enthusiasts.

But it should be noted that the iTube app has faced legal difficulties over time due to copyright infringement allegations. According to allegations made against its developers and owners, users were downloading copyrighted material without authorization resulting in several legal actions against the iTube app's creators and owners. Yet millions still use it daily because they enjoy its unique features and ease of use.

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