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Instasize is an iOS and Android mobile application developed by Hector Lopez and Omar Arambula that allows users to edit and enhance photos and videos before posting them online on social networks such as Instagram. Since its initial release in 2012, Instasize has quickly gained popularity among those seeking more visually engaging content for Instagram.

Lopez and Arambula first thought up Instasize when they observed many Instagram users utilizing third-party editing apps before uploading photos or videos directly onto Instagram. Realizing there was a gap in the market for an all-encompassing photo and video editing application designed specifically for use within Instagram, they decided to develop Instasize to fill this void.

At first, Instasize focused solely on offering its users filters and editing tools to enhance their photos, such as brightness/contrast adjustments, cropping tools and text overlays; as it gained more traction, however, developers expanded its functionality by including video editing features as well.

Today, Instasize has over 10 million downloads worldwide and is used by people all around the world to create stunning visuals for their social media accounts. The app continues to develop, with new features and updates being made available regularly to meet changing user demands.



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