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iFunbox is an iOS file management software that makes it easier for iOS users to access and organize the files on their devices, including installing and managing applications, transferring photos/videos between devices, managing file permission settings and more. First released in 2008, this tool has quickly become a favorite among those wanting to explore their device's file system while organizing their files efficiently.

Li Yang led a team of Chinese developers in creating iFunbox as an alternative to iTunes for managing files on iOS devices. It was first released in 2008, with several updates, adding features and improving functionality.

Initial versions of iFunbox were exclusively for Windows; however, in 2013, its developers also released an adaption for Macs. It quickly gained popularity among iOS users who wanted an easier way to transfer files between devices without iTunes' restrictions and restrictions placed upon file transfer capabilities. Users could install and manage apps with this application, access their file system directly, and transfer files effortlessly without jailbreaking their device - all using this convenient software!

Since 2007, iFunbox has continued to advance, adding new features and improving overall functionality. Now it stands as one of the most-used file management solutions on iOS devices, growing steadily as more people discover its advantages.

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