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Hushed is a mobile application created by AffinityClick Inc. in 2013 that allows users to generate disposable phone numbers to make calls or text messages anonymously or privately. Since then, Hushed has grown increasingly popular due to its security and privacy features.

Hushed was developed to offer users a discreet communication solution, enabling them to keep their phone numbers private while still making and receiving calls and text messages. It quickly gained traction among individuals seeking anonymity when communicating online - such as online daters, entrepreneurs, or those wanting to maintain separate personal and professional lives.

Apps such as this one for iOS and Android devices can be downloaded for free; however, certain features are only accessible after purchasing credits or subscribing. For example, users can select from a selection of phone numbers across several countries and regions, customize voicemail messages, and call forwarding settings accordingly.

Hushed has undergone various updates and enhancements over time, such as group messaging, sending pictures/videos via send/receive feature, integration with other messaging apps and end-to-end encryption for text messages/call logs stored locally on user's devices. Hushed has also earned praise for its security/privacy features, such as end-to-end encryption for text messages/call logs stored locally by each device user.

Hushed is a mobile app developed by AffinityClick Inc. in 2013 that provides users with secure communication options, enabling them to make calls and send texts without disclosing personal details or identities. Since its creation, this service has grown immensely popular among individuals seeking anonymous or discreet communication options.

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