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Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll launched HQ Trivia as a live trivia app in 2017. It quickly gained widespread adoption due to its unique format of offering users trivia games with real money prizes. Over 2 million downloads were achieved within its first two months.

The app provides users with multiple-choice questions presented by a live host, who then prompts players to answer each one correctly to receive prize money ranging from several hundred dollars up to thousands. However, players have only 10 seconds per question before answering. As a result, the game quickly gained fame for its high-pressure format, as players only had 10 seconds per question!

HQ Trivia quickly become a global cultural phenomenon, drawing thousands of players in live games from all around the globe. Notable host celebrities included Jimmy Kimmel and The Rock; however, its popularity began to diminish significantly by 2019 due to financial issues, eventually leading to its closure by February.

In March 2020, a new version of HQ Trivia was unveiled; however, it failed to garner as much interest as its predecessor did. Subsequently, in July 2020, the app was taken down and eventually acquired by an anonymous investor who purchased the company in October 2020; as yet, it is unknown if or when this version of the game may return in some capacity in the future.

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