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Hooked is a mobile app known for providing short stories written specifically to be consumed quickly and effortlessly on the go. This content caters mainly to young adult audiences.

Hooked was launched in 2015 by Prerna Gupta and Parag Chordia. Gupta had experience working in music, while Chordia brought technology and artificial intelligence expertise. Together they set out to develop an app that would offer mobile users new types of entertainment experiences.

The app quickly gained popularity, particularly among younger users who appreciated its short-form storytelling format. Stories told via chat-style storytelling allow readers to read quickly and effortlessly, each installment typically taking no more than several minutes to finish reading.

Over time, Hooked has gradually evolved and broadened its content offerings. Alongside original chat-style stories, the app now features audio stories, video content, interactive experiences, user-generated stories, as well as user-generated stories created and shared by users.

Hooked has recently received criticism for its content, particularly in relation to how it depicts mental health issues and uses stereotypical characters and plotlines. Nevertheless, the app remains popular among its core audience and continues to bring in new users with engaging and addictive features.


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