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Honey is a browser extension designed to help shoppers save money online. The extension automatically applies coupon codes and discount offers at checkout, saving users time and money. First developed in 2012 by Ryan Hudson and George Ruan, Honey has quickly grown in popularity ever since its creation - now serving millions of users globally.

Honey was conceptualized when Ryan Hudson, a software engineer, became exasperated with the tedious process of searching and applying coupon codes online shopping. Recognizing there must be an easier way for consumers to save money, he joined forces with George Ruan, a former financial analyst, to form Honey.

Honey started out as a simple browser extension that automatically applied coupon codes at checkout, but as its popularity grew, it quickly expanded to provide other money-saving features like price tracking, cashback rewards and rewards programs. PayPal acquired Honey for $4 billion in 2019 - one of the most significant acquisitions ever in e-commerce history.

Honey is now available as both a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge, as well as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. Honey partners with thousands of retailers, including Amazon, Walmart and Target, to give its users access to exclusive deals and discounts available.

Honey's success can be attributed to its user-friendly interface, ability to help people save money quickly and easily, and its commitment to offering an enjoyable shopping experience. As online shopping becomes ever more prevalent, Honey will likely remain an invaluable tool for smart shoppers looking to cut costs on purchases.

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