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Hamachi is a virtual private networking (VPN) app developed by LogMeIn that allows users to securely establish connections over the internet. Since its initial release in 2004, Hamachi has become popular among gamers, businesses, and individuals looking for secure methods of connecting remote devices.

Hamachi was designed with non-technical users in mind, offering them an accessible VPN solution without needing advanced knowledge of networking or security protocols. While traditional VPNs typically require prior knowledge about these matters to operate efficiently, Hamachi was made user-friendly to be accessible by anyone who possesses basic computer knowledge.

Hamachi works by creating a virtual network adapter on each device that connects to its VPN, allowing it to interact as though they were on one local network - making it simple and secure for sharing files, playing games and working together on projects regardless of where these devices may be physically located.

Over the years, Hamachi has gone through several updates and revisions, with new features and improvements added with each release. Now available across various platforms like Windows, macOS and Linux and used by millions of people around the globe - it truly remains an industry staple!

Hamachi was initially designed for gaming purposes; however, over time, its versatility has led to other uses, including remote access and administration, file sharing and virtual LANs. In addition, due to its popularity has led to similar software being created, such as Tunngle GameRanger Evolve, offering similar functionality but targeting different user groups.

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