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Gyazo is an easily accessible screenshot and screen recording application released in 2009 by Japanese software firm Nota Inc. Almost instantly; it became popular due to its simplicity and ease of use; users were quickly able to capture screenshots and share them quickly with one another.

Gyazo was initially a desktop application that allowed users to capture screenshots by dragging and clicking their mouse over any area they desired. Once taken, these screenshots would automatically upload to Gyazo and generate a unique URL that could be shared.

Gyazo has gradually evolved and broadened its offerings over time to encompass web apps, mobile apps for iOS and Android, browser extensions and additional capabilities like annotating screenshots, creating GIFs and recording screen videos.

Gyazo's success can be partly attributed to its widespread adoption within the gaming community, where it's frequently used to share screenshots and videos of gameplay. In addition, developers, designers, and marketers also make frequent use of Gyazo as a quick way of quickly capturing and sharing screenshots or videos related to their projects or work.

Gyazo is used by millions of people globally and has become a must-have tool in many workplaces and online communities; its popularity is a testament to its useability and ease of use; Gyazo remains one of the top screenshot and screen recording apps on the market.

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