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Google Voice is a telecommunications service created and offered by Google that enables users to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, manage voicemail, manage call forwarding/screening/blocking features, all using one phone number provided by the service.

Google Voice was officially unveiled as an invitation-only service on March 11, 2009. This service provided a single phone number that could be used across different devices and platforms - smartphones, laptops and desktops alike. Google engineers led by Craig Walker had created it, who previously co-founded GrandCentral voice over IP service.

Google Voice was designed to provide users with a universal phone number that would follow them everywhere they went. This meant they could give out one number to friends, family and business contacts that would always reach the user regardless of where or what device they used to reach out.

Over time, Google Voice has grown and changed with users. In 2010, they acquired Gizmo5, a VoIP provider, and integrated its technology into Google Voice, allowing users to make and receive calls over the internet as well as traditional telephone lines. By 2011, the service introduced porting existing phone numbers, making transitioning simpler for newcomers.

Google Voice is now available as both an Android and iOS mobile app and through a web interface, providing free international calling with some limitations and affordable rates for premium features like international calls. As such, this service has quickly become a favorite choice of individuals and businesses alike for managing phone calls and texts across multiple devices in an easy and streamlined fashion.

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